Fly RPFMEX CanBoot bootloader for USB
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Configuring and installing CanBoot bootloader for USB

Install CanBoot on your Klipper host.

If you have not already done so follow these steps to clone the CanBoot repository to your klipper host and configure the Moonraker update manager.

  • ssh to your klipper host console

  • Clone the CanBoot firmware to your Klipper Host
    cd ~/
    git clone
  • From your Fluidd or Mainsail web UI Edit Moonraker.conf and add the following at the bottom to allow moonraker to manage updates to the CAN bus software.
    [update_manager CanBoot]
    type: git_repo
    path: ~/CanBoot
    is_system_service: False

Compile CanBoot firmware

  • cd to the Canboot directory
    cd CanBoot
  • Run make clean
    make clean
  • Open menuconfig
    make menuconfig
  • Set the following settings
    • Micro Controller : Raspberry Pi RP2040
    • Buildcanboot deployment: 16 Kib bootloader
    • Comm Interface - USB

      RPFMEX CanBoot Menu Config for USB
      RPFMEX CanBoot Menu Config for USB
  • Quit and save the configuration

  • Run the make command to compile the firmware
    make -j 4
  • You should now have a canboot.bin file at ~/CanBoot/out/

Burn CanBoot firmware to the Fly RPFMEX

  • Use a USB-C data cable to connect the Fly RPFMEX board to the klipper host.

  • Press the boot button while inserting the USB cable to put the Fly RPFMEX into boot mode.

    Fly RPFMEX boot button
    Fly RPFMEX boot button
  • Run lsusb to see if the connection is successful.
    RPFMEX lsusb
    RPFMEX lsusb
  • Flash the Fly RPFMEX
    sudo make flash FLASH_DEVICE=2e8a:0003
  • This will flash the CanBoot firmware image and restart the Fly RPFMEX.

  • Continue to compiling Compiling Klipper.