Fly-Puppet with CM4
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Configuring and installing Rasberry Pi CM4 for the Fly-Puppet

Mounting the Rasberry Pi CM4 to the Fly-Puppet

  • The Rasberry Pi CM4 mounts to the sockets on the bottom of the Fly-Puppet

    Mounting the CM4 to the Fly puppet
    Mounting the CM4 to the Fly puppet

CM4 onboard EMMC programming

  • If your CM4 does not have emmc, but use SD card, please skip this step and [start reading step 2]{./fly-puppet_klipper_cm4.html#cm4-onboard-emmc-programming}
  • Turn on DIP switches 5 and 6 on the Puppet board to connect the Pi to the Pullet USB C port. Make sure DOP switches 1 and 2 are in the OFF position.
  • Use tweezers to short-circuit PI_BOOT, as shown in the figure below. (In order to ensure the safety of the motherboard inserted into CM4, there is no pin header by default)

    Booting the CM4
    Booting the CM4
  • Connect Fly-Puppet to the computer using a type-c data cable
  • Download rpiboot
  • Run RpiBoot directly after downloading, if everything is normal, the words success will appear as pictured below

    Rasberry Pi Boot Success
    Rasberry Pi Boot Success
  • After running successfully, the emmc of CM4 will be directly mounted as a U disk to the system, which can be directly burned into the system


Write OS to SD or EMMC

Post image Burn configuration

Perform these steps before starting up the Rasberry Pi

  • Open the mounted EMMC Drive or SD card on your PC.
  • Open the config.txt file in the /boot directory and add following two lines configuration
    Edit config.txt
    Edit config.txt
  • Create a new blank file under the boot disk, the file name is SSH , no suffix
  • WIFI Setup
    • MainsailOS modify /boot/mainsailos-wpa-supplicant.txt
    • FluiddPi modify /boot/fluiddpi-wpa-supplicant.txt
    • Delete the # in front of these 4 lines
    • Change ssid and psk to your WiFi name and password respectively
    Edit WIFI configuration file
    Edit WIFI configuration file
    • The preparations are complete, If you used an SD card now you can install the SD card into Fly-Puppet SD Slot and start it up

Compile Klipper firmware for Linux MCU

  • ssh to your klipper host console
  • cd to the klipper directory
    cd klipper
  • Run make clean
    make clean
  • Open menuconfig
    make menuconfig
  • Set the following settings
    • Enable extra Low Level configuration options : Un-Checked
    • Micro Controller : Linux Process

      Configure Linux MCU Firmware
      Configure Linux MCU Firmware
  • Quit and save the configuration

Flash The Rasberry Pi CM4 as a Lunix MCU

  • run the following command to flash the Rasberry Pi CM4
    sudo service klipper stop
    make flash
    sudo service klipper start
  • Add the following to your Fly-Puppet printer.cfg file to connect the Rasberry Pi CM4 as an MCU in klipper.
    [mcu host]
    serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu