The pin names of the Fly-Puppet
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Fly-Puppet Pinout Diagram

Fly-Puppet Pinout

Fly-Puppet Driver Pins in Firmware

Driver pin numbers. They are separated by driver number.

Pin Type 0 (X) 1 (Y) 2 (Z) 3 (E0) 4 (E1)
Enable Pins gpio18 gpio14 gpio10 gpio6 gpio2
Step Pins gpio20 gpio16 gpio12 gpio8 gpio4
Direction Pins gpio19 gpio15 gpio11 gpio7 gpio13
UART Pins gpio21 gpio17 gpio13 gpio9 gpio5

Fly-Puppet Other Pins in Firmware

Pin Number Pin Name 1 Pin Name 2 Alias
gpio26 bed hbed BED_OUT
gpio22 xmin xstop X_STOP
gpio29 bedtemp tb BED_TEMP
gpio28 e0temp t0 HEAT_TEMP
gpio27 e0heat he0 HEAT
host:gpio21 fan1   FAN1
host:gpio20 fan2   FAN2
gpio25 fan0 fan FAN0
host:gpio16 servo0   SERVO
gpio23 ymin ystop Y_STOP
host:gpio19 neopixel RGB LED
host:gpio20 fan2   FAN2
gpio24 zmin zstop Z_STOP
gpio24 probe   PROBE