Klipper configuration on the Fly SHT-36 V1 for CAN bus
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Setup steps

CanBoot firmware

Compile CanBoot firmware

  • ssh to your klipper host console

  • Install the burning utility to your klipper host system
    sudo apt install dfu-util -y
  • Clone the CanBoot firmware to your Klipper Host
    cd ~/
    git clone https://github.com/Arksine/CanBoot
  • From your Fluidd or Mainsail web UI Edit Moonraker.conf and add the following at the bottom to allow moonraker to manage updates to the CAN bus software.
    [update_manager CanBoot]
    type: git_repo
    path: ~/CanBoot
    origin: https://github.com/Arksine/CanBoot.git
    is_system_service: False
  • cd to the Canboot directory
    cd CanBoot
  • Run make clean
    make clean
  • Open menuconfig
    make menuconfig
  • Set the following settings
    • Micro Controller : STMicroelectronics STM32
    • Processor Model: stm32f072
    • Build: 8 Kib bootloader
    • Clock Ref: 8 MHz crystal
    • Comm Interface - CAN bus on PA8/PA9
    • Application Offset 8 Kib

    • Can bus Speed: 500000

      CanBoot Menu Config CAN - update this image
      CanBoot Menu Config CAN - update this image
  • Quit and save the configuration

  • Run the make command to compile the firmware
  • You should now have a canboot.bin file at ~/CanBoot/out/

Burn CanBoot firmware to tool board

  • Install the boot jumper to the Boot0 pin and 3.3v pin as pictured.

    DFU jumper location
    DFU jumper location
    DFU jumper location
    DFU jumper location
  • Use a USB-C data cable to connect the SHT-36 board to the klipper host, Make sure that the dfu jumper is installed before connecting the USB cable.
  • Run lsusb to see if the connection is successful, copy the USB ID in the blue box. Note that the board is in DFU mode.
    lsusb Results
    lsusb Results
  • Erase and Burn the firmware , replace 0483:df11 in the following command with the USB ID copied earlier
    sudo dfu-util -a 0 -D ~/CanBoot/out/canboot.bin --dfuse-address 0x08000000:force:mass-erase:leave -d 0483:df11
  • You should get a download progress bar and File downloaded successfuly when the burning is complete.

    CanBoot burn complete
    CanBoot burn complete
  • If the burn was sucessful remove the jumper from the Boot0 pin and power cycle the printer.
  • The tool board is now ready to install klipper firmware.