About Mellow Inc.
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Mellow Brand Story

Mellow is a company specializing in R&D, innovation, design and sales of 3D printer accessories.

The founder May studied industrial design and has been engaged in design work since graduation. In 2014, She came into contact with 3D printing. She was full of interest in this industry and began to learn related knowledge. During the process, she found that the quality of existing 3D printing accessories was very poor, so with the idea of letting everyone use better 3D printer accessories, we met the NF team in 16 years, After that, a 3D printer accessories production and sales company was established, mainly focusing on extruders, hot ends and other products. In 2019, we got to know the excellent motherboard designer FLY, during the process of development and growth, we coincided with the concept of FLY. In 2020, we formally requested FLY to join our team.

Our team has created many pioneer products for the industry in extruders, hot ends, and motherboards. Our design concept is to bring more intelligent, interesting, high-quality, and practical products to customers and better products with services to players and industries class printers.