Fly UTOC-1 and UTOC-3 pin diagram
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Fly UTOC-1 and UTOC-3 pin diagram

Fly UTOC-1 and UTOC-3 pin locations

Table of pin functions

Device Function
USB C USB in from host
DFU Device Firmware Update. Add jumper and restart the board to enter DFU mode for flashing firmware.
+5V 5v from USB or from onboard 24v to 5v regulator.
12-24V VCC in 12 to 24 volts
GND Ground
120r 120 ohm resistor for CAN bus termination
CAN L CAN bus high line
CAN H CAN bus low line
CAN bus USB A ports for connecting to STM32 boards without an onboard CAN port. Supports CAN bus with some STM32 CPUs connected to the PA11/PA12 USB port with klipper firmware.