General information regarding the Fly TMC5160
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Fly-TMC5160 Overview
Fly-TMC5160 Overview

Fly TMC5160 Driver

This is the 12-24v operating voltage version TMC5160. Because of the lack of components, the high-voltage version cannot be made at this time, but this version is sufficient for normal use. If you need 5160, this is a good choice.

  • 12-24v Operating Voltage
  • 4.4A max Current
  • Step/direction interface with microstep interpolation microPlyer
  • The highest resolution is 256 microsteps
  • StealthChop2 silent work and smooth motion
  • Resonance suppression for mid-range resonance
  • SpreadCycle high dynamic motor control chopper
  • DcStep load related speed control
  • StallGuard2 high-precision sensorless motor load detection
  • CoolStep current control, which can achieve up to 75% energy savings


Fly-TMC5160 Dimensions
Fly-TMC5160 Dimensions

Circuit Diagram

Fly-TMC5160 pin map
Fly-TMC5160 pin map


Fly-TMC5160 BOM
Fly-TMC5160 BOM