Configuring and burning the RP2040 MCU Firmware
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Fly Puppet RP240 MCU Firmware

Compile Klipper firmware for

  • ssh to your klipper host console
  • cd to the klipper directory
    cd klipper
  • Run make clean
    make clean
  • Open menuconfig
    make menuconfig
  • Set the following settings
    • Enable low level configuration options
    • Micro Controller : Raspberry Pi RP2040
    • Build: No bootloader
    • Comm Interface - Serial on UART0 (GPIO1/GPIO0)
    • GPIO Pins to set at Startup: ()
    RP2040 Make Menuconfig
    RP2040 Make Menuconfig
  • Quit and save the configuration

  • Run the make command to compile the firmware
    make -j 4

Flash Klipper firmware

  • Find the Fly-RPFMEX ID
    ls /dev/serial/by-id/*
  • Copy the ID
    • Example
    RP2040 ID
    RP2040 ID
  • Run the flash command to compile the firmware
    make flash FLASH_DEVICE={your serial id}
    RP2040 flash results
    RP2040 flash results
  • Your Fly-Puppet should now have klipper firmware loaded and be ready to use.