Fly SHT-36 V2 CAN bus tool overview
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The SHT-36 V2 board uses CAN communication to connect the host computer with the UTOC board, other USB to CAN adapters, Pi Hats or USB. For USB use it is recommended to not to use a cable that exceeds 1 meter ( 3.2 feet ) The optional 31865 chip supports PT100 temperature sensors for improved accuracy.

Fly SHT-36 V2 Front view
Fly SHT-36 V2 Front view

Product Features

  • CAN bus connection for stable data transmission over long distaces.

  • 24 volt max input

  • 10 amp mosfet for heater control

  • Onboard TMC2209 driver for the extruder

  • Onboard ADXL345 accelerometer to measure resonance for input shaper.

  • Support PT100 (MAX31865)

  • AS5047D magnetic encoder for motion analysis.

  • Replaceble fan MOS that supports 2 controllable fans.

  • 5/12/24V fan voltage adjustable.

  • RGB Led control

  • Peripheral interface:USB1, CAN1, FAN2, RGB1, Servo1, Probe1, EndStop3, PT100 4 line1(optional), Thermal1, Heater1

Fly SHT-36 dimensions
Fly SHT-36 dimensions


Included parts

  • SHT-36 V2 Board
  • Heatsink for 2209 driver
  • Jumpers * 3
  • JST-XH plug and Female Crimp Terminals
  • JST-PH plugs and Female Crimp Terminals
  • XT30+2 1m wiring harness
  • Fan MOS
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable