Fly-Super8Pro H723 CanBoot Pro bootloader for USB to CAN bridge
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Configuring and installing Katapult bootloader for USB to CAN Bridge Mode


Katapult allows you to update your mainboard via USB, so no rebooting and rewiring is necessary. We recommend using Katapult for this additional convenience.

Install Katapult package

  • ssh into your klipper host console

  • Clone the Katapult firmware to your Klipper Host

    cd ~/
    git clone
  • From your Fluidd or Mainsail web UI Edit Moonraker.conf and add the following at the bottom to allow Moonraker to manage updates to Katapult.

    [update_manager Katapult]
    type: git_repo
    path: ~/katapult
    is_system_service: False

Compile Katapult firmware

  • cd to the Katapult directory

    cd ~/katapult
  • Run make clean

    make clean KCONFIG_CONFIG=config.super8proh723
  • Open menuconfig

    make menuconfig KCONFIG_CONFIG=config.super8proh723
  • Set the following settings
    • Micro-controller Architecture (STMicroelectronics STM32)
    • Processor model (STM32H723)
    • Build Katapult deployment application (128KiB bootloader (SKR SE BX v2.0))
    • Clock Reference (25 MHz crystal)
    • Communication interface (USB (on PA11/PA12))
    • Application start offset (128KiB offset)
    • () GPIO pins to set on bootloader entry
    • [*] Support bootloader entry on rapid double clip of reset button
    • [ ] Enable bootloader entry on button (or gpio) state
    • [ ] Enable Status LED

      Katapult Menu Config CAN
      Katapult Menu Config CAN
  • Quit and save the configuration

  • Run the make command to compile the firmware

    make KCONFIG_CONFIG=config.super8proh723 -j4
  • You should now have a deployer.bin file at ~/katapult/out/

USB Power Jumper

Add a jumper as shown below to ensure the board can be powered from USB power.

Fly-Super8Pro H723 USB Power Jumper
Fly-Super8Pro H723 USB Power Jumper

Flash Katapult to the Fly-Super8Pro MCU

  • ftp to your klipper host with an FTP client like FileZilla
    • open the folder ‘~/katapult/out’
    • download deployer.bin to your PC
  • place the MCU MicroSD card into a card reader and connect it to your PC.
  • ensure that the SD Card is formatted as Fat32. If in doubt use the SD Card Formatter.
  • Copy the deployer.bin file to the root of the SD card
  • rename deployer.bin to firmware.bin
  • Eject the SD card from the PC
  • Insert the SD card into the Fly-Super8Pro SD card Slot.

    Fly-Super8Pro SD card
    Fly-Super8Pro SD card
  • Press the Fly-Super8Pro reboot button

    Fly-Super8Pro reset button
    Fly-Super8Pro reset button
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Open a putty SSH session to the Fly-Super8Pro and log on

  • run lsusb to verify the MCU has been discovered as a USB device

    Example lsusb Output
    Example lsusb Output
  • Continue to the Klipper for USB to CAN Bridge mode configuration section